All of the images shown here are taken at scenes of minor crimes and never crimes against life. The creation of these photos excludes any fictional elements.

I have been involved in real forensics; trying to learn and do the job of a forensic technician. The setting and technical parameters of my images are in line with the methodology that allows a photograph to become material evidence. The research and the logic of their creation follows exactly the thinking and the eyes of police professionals working at the crime scene. I was able to participate as an observer at the Police Education Training Centre's Crime Technician photography practice in order to be aware of the crime scene technicians' studies from the photography image-making aspects and working methods, so that I could adhere to these as well. My NDA allowed me to review years of police photo archives. I needed the latter to familiarize myself with the aesthetics of the realized documents. My series is basically built on these two foundations. By learning and mastering an objective and precise image capturing method, the photograph can be reconstructed as a document.